Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Rumors of My Blog's Death, Though Extremely Hoped For, Are Greatly Exaggerated

WHAT I'M LISTENING TO: Still the Wiggles. Damn you to hell, catchy tunes! Also, some Sigur Ros. I like music that goes on forever in a language that no human has ever spoken sung melodically.

WHAT I'M READING: More Chomsky. I'm a Chomskyite. Plus, it's not the kind of book you can breeze through on the toilet, where I do my best reading, thinking, and work.

WHAT I'M WATCHING: Football a-plenty! Plus, some MMA and some Twin Peaks Season Two.

SO here I am again, only one month since my last post. Life's busy. Two kids plus a wife and a full-time job means little time for the simple pleasures, such as bathing, shaving, and blogging.

Here's a few tidbits to give you your fill for now during this holiday season:

1. MLS Cup 2007 was an excellent game, won by Houston Dynamo. Houston becomes only the second team to ever repeat, and have a real shot at three-peating next year if they keep the team together. Good footballing squad. One of the top three best MLS Cups ever.

2. After the MLS season ended, I could no longer hold out and got my Setanta Sports channel back. Just too much awesome footie action to miss. Now, most weekends I am DVRing eight to nine Premiership games, plus one or two from Spain. I'm pumped, because this weekend all ten Premier League games are on between Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta. Not to mention Boxing Day on Wednesday, which means more EPL action satisfaction for me.

3. Got the big vasectomy last Friday. Surprisingly, it was painless. I felt nothing. Highly recommend it, especially if your insurance covers all but fifteen bucks of the cost like mine did. Big ups to my doc for a good job. I did get a hellacious leg cramp that night, but me thinks it was unrelated. Vasectomy is an odd thing, because it's the lazy surgery. I feel no pain, but am still on restricted lifting duty. We got five/six inches of snow overnight Saturday, and I felt like I could go out there and snow blow it back to hell, but didn't want to take the risk. Brother Dung came over and shoveled for me (we were shopping, or else I would have let him save his back and use the blower). It's a very odd thing. But I don't want my balls to swell up like cantaloupes for the next month, so I'm listening to the doctors orders.

4. Christmas is less than a week away now. I can't wait. Sunday we go to my mom's for the annual visit with her family. Monday is up North to my father-in-law's. Tuesday is up North again to my mother-in-law's. Good times, good food, good fun. I love it. Just crossing my fingers that the weather cooperates. No snow, bro!

5. Speaking of Christmas, tomorrow is my annual wrapping day. I sit here by myself surrounded by presents, wrapping paper, scissors, tape, a strong desire to succeed, and my unique abilities to beatbox like a white mofo.

6. How's this for a kick in the balls? I'm not a gamer, but I do enjoy a PC game called Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007. It's a management simulation game, in that you are a soccer manager (can choose from every club on Planet Football) and that's it. You do all the things a manager would do, but come game day, you sit back and let your players play the game. You can choose the lineup, set the tactics, make the subs. But you can't go out there and play the game. I love it. Very fun, but frustrating when the bastards lose.

Anywho, my team is currently in a minor slump. Lost three in a row without scoring. Fourth game they scored, but still lost. Afterwards, my club chairman called me out, in the press, for being unprofessional.

That's right. A computer person just smack-talked me.

Gotta run, the boy is waking up. Be back sooner this time (that IS a threat!)

Be seeing you.