Monday, February 26, 2007

50/50 Chance I'll Be Half Right Part of the Time

Oscars 2007 are a thing of the past now.

A very good show. It kept me entertained for the four hours, and I enjoyed Ellen as host. Enough minor upsets to keep you paying attention.

Speaking of paying attention, I hope my faithful readers didn't. Out of 24 Oscar predictions, I only got twelve right. 50%.

That is, by far, the worst I've ever done. Good in a way that it was not a predictable evening, but still. I have too much pride to be happy with .500 picking.

Missed out on the big one for only the third time in my prediction career. First two were because I went against the actors (1998 & 2005), last night because I went with them. I did feel back in December/January that Departed might get the top prize by riding on Marty's coattails. But that wasn't my prediction, so it doesn't matter.

Oh well, you can't win them all. Besides, the uber-prestigious Jeff Awards are the only movie awards that really count ;)

Early work tomorrow, me must sleep (to quote Cookie Monster). I'll be back soon with a highly anticipated piece on why February sucks.

Quick hits:

-Nice late win for Man United on Saturday, but those 89th minute winners make me nervous. Still, top o' the table with ten to go.

-Pretty exciting Carling Cup final Sunday, with Chelsea beating out Arsehole for the first domestic cup of the season in Eng-er-land.

-Of the nominees, we've only seen The Departed and Little Miss Sunshine. I did like Departed more, and thought it was a great film.

-What's up with all the awesome tunes on Grey's Anatomy? Mrs. JC watches the show each week and has been downloading several tunes she first heard there. I'm not a fan, but with music like that I might start paying more attention.

Be Seeing You.

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