Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Man Behind the Shit

So, four posts in, it's about time to describe myself a bit.

I'm a husband to the beautiful Mrs. JC, also known as Barefoot Adult on her very own blog. I'm father to the wonderful Son of JC, now at 30 months.

I work at...well, to be honest, where I work isn't that important to me. Luckily, I'm not one of those guys driven by money. My job is just that, a job. A way to make enough money to pay the bills and such. I do my job, very well actually, but at the end of the shift I come home and forget about it.

I'm in my early thirties, and proud of it. Got some grey hairs on my head, and wear them with pride. I wear contacts.

No tattoos, as I hate them. Only jewelry I've ever worn, and ever will wear, is my wedding ring.

I'm not a big fashion guy. My wardrobe is basically pants or shorts (depending on the season) and a soccer jersey. I've got enough jerseys now that I can make it to the next wash cycle without wearing anything but.

I'm a man of simple pleasures. Outside of my soccer (eight games every weekend, a few during the week), I don't watch much TV. The wife and I are into Heroes, The Office, Scrubs, and My Name is Earl. I also DVR "Inside the UFC" every Thursday. Soccer and the UFC are the only sports I really follow. I do enjoy my TV shows on DVD. I'm the proud owner of every season of Good Times, every season of MASH, and the first seven seasons of Seinfeld. Just started collecting The X-Files. Have four seasons of NYPD Blue, and season one of Twin Peaks.

I love movies. Really became a fan on January 1, 1989. That day, while my family watched a Notre Dame bowl game, I went into my room and came across the movie "Ordinary People" on WGN. I thought it was brilliant, and it was that exact moment when films went beyond just another form of entertainment to me, and became an art form.

I love films, and I love watching the Academy Awards. I enjoy the whole award process, and that's why I started my own award (The Jeff Awards). I've got those on another blog. I've got a whole process to it. I create a list of 100 films from the year. I watch the 100 films. Then, I compile a list of nominees. I go back and re-watch the five films I've got up for Best Picture one more time, than "announce" the winners to the five or six people who give a rip. But I enjoy doing it.

I'm a big fan of music too. I enjoy all kinds. I especially get excited when I come across a musician who just knocks it out of the park. You know, when somebody just sings a song perfectly. So good that nobody should ever be allowed to sing it again, even in the shower. I've come across three such tunes in the last two years. "Turn of the Century" by Pete Yorn, "Bloody Motherf*cking A**hole" by Martha Wainwright, and "9 Crimes" by Damian Rice. I urge you to download them all right now and listen.

On a message board, I can debate politics. But I really don't like it. Too many doing too little for us. When a person's high paying job depends on your vote, chances are good they'll do anything to ensure getting that vote.

I love to laugh. I'm a quiet guy in person. I just don't do small talk well, so unless there's something to say, I shut up. I consider myself to be average looking, though Mrs. JC considers me hot. I did once have somebody say I looked like George Clooney, but I think he's wrong there.

I hate to shave, but the wife hates beards. We've come to the compromise. Now I've got the little goatee on the chin thing (is that a Van Dyke?), which she finds sexy.

My sense of humor leans towards the absurd. It's hard to write something funny for me, but people enjoy my sense of humor.

My friends and I are exceptionally cruel when together. Very much like the Seinfeld gang in that regard. There are, simply put, no lines to be crossed when we go out. Everything is fair game.

The whole videogame thing has passed me by, but I do enjoy relaxing with a computer game called "Worldwide Soccer Manager". It's a manager simulation game. You manage a soccer team, and that's it. You get the players ready to play, but when the 90 minutes kicks off, you can only watch them, just like a real manager. I also enjoy playing my Deal or No Deal PC game. But that's about it for games.

I love to read. Right now, I'm in a faze where I'm only reading non-fiction books. I like to know the facts behind the scenes.

I'm not particularly handy. When I get something to work, or build something, I feel a sense of pride.

Love writing. Writing screenplays. Have drifted away the last two years, with the family and everything, but still love it. My scripts tend to be realistic, I don't go for the happy ending unless it's the right ending, and I love to have a sudden ending. Not necessarily a twist or shocker, but I like things to just end. "The universe went out with a wimper, not a bang". I like people to be able to interpret different things from my scripts. I've also come to having only one word titles. Boiling it down to the barest essence. Simple, real stories. I'm very strong at dialogue. This year, I do plan to FINALLY submit a script.

I love yard work in the summer, but hate snow.

And that, basically, is me.

Be seeing you.

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